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Edmonton Acupuncture - FAQ about Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Can I Maintain my Health with Acupuncture?

Yes. The best use of acupuncture is for prevention. Acupuncture can correct the (ki/Qi) balance of energy flow before the onset of a serious illness. The best doctors will cure illnesses before they become serious.

Is Acupuncture a Placebo Effect?

No. Acupuncture is used with animals as well as people. Acupuncture is used to treat racehorses in Japan. Animals are immune to placebo effects and benefit from insertion of acupuncture needles into specific points. While a positive attitude may enhance the placebo effect (in humans) a negative attitude will not block the effects.

How do you Select Acupuncture Points?

The selection of acupuncture points requires knowledge, experience and sensitivity.

Can I Lose Weight through Acupuncture Therapy?

No, not directly. Acupuncture strengthens the digestive system and helps to increase the metabolism. Regular treatments release joint and muscle tension. This will allow you to perform weight-loss activities with less pain.

Can Acupuncture Help with Cigarette or Drug Addictions?

Not directly, however acupuncture may change your taste for cigarettes and alleviate some withdrawal symptoms

Can Acupuncture Cure Cancer?

No. Acupuncture is not a cure for cancer. Acupuncture can however relieve some uncomfortable symptoms and reduce pain with serious illnesses. Acupuncture can also help during the process of recovery and rehabilitation.

- Carla Patrick Holland Registered Acupuncturist And Herbal Therapist, Edmonton and St. Albert Alberta
Will Acupuncture Hurt?

No. Needles are thin with shallow insertion. My acupuncture technique is gentle and less painful than Chinese acupuncture. Discomfort is rare and minimal.

Can I Get AIDS or Hepatitis from Acupuncture?

No. I follow standard medical procedures to protect my patients and myself. I only use new disposable pre-packaged acupuncture needles. Acupuncture needles are pre-sterilized.

Does Moxibustion Hurt?

It does not hurt at all with indirect moxibustion. The heat is comfortable. With direct moxibustion, you will feel brief intense, localized heat.

Direct moxibustion is much more effective than indirect because a stimulation point with blistering lasts longer. The body's self-healing power is focused on a selected acupuncture point for an extended period of time.

Should I get Acupuncture Before or After a Sporting Event?

I would recommend that you come before your sporting event. You can avoid or lessen the chance of injury and you will be in better condition for the event.

Where did you Train?

Carla has practiced since 2000 after graduating from the MacEwan Acupuncture Program. She studied under two Masters from NanJing University, China, Dr. Yan Hong and Dr. Jiulin Wang.

Do I Book Acupuncture Appointments in Advance?

Yes. Acupuncture visits are by appointment only. Please call 780-938-0065 to book your acupuncture or moxibustion appointment. We are available between 9AM & 5PM Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday
email: carla@ifr.ab.ca

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